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A hot summer can really put pressure on ones wellbeing! Working in an office or relaxing at home can be difficult, when any movement can be strenuous.
We have the solution that adapts to every room. 

Here are some of the brands we work together with.


Innova 2.0, This system is place saving.

Depending on available place, the extension can be installed on the wall. Being attached on the upper area of a wall (wall system), it is barely noticed. When installed on the lower area of the wall, it uses as much space as a heater or a fan convector. 


The system UNICO processes a patented mechanism, which the air current fluctuates from the ceiling to the floor. The external installation is practically invisible and having a very minor impact of the surroundings. 


Do to the fact that UNICO functions without an external unit; the noise emission is reduced to a minimum. 


For the external installation, one need nothing else but 2 holes in the outer wall, with a diameter of 160mm, which would be conducted with a hole cutter. The patented outside hatches can be operated from inside. 


This UNICO system can be assembled without any difficulties. The installation takes less than 2 hours. Thanks to the drainage of condense water, (by the model "only cooling"), a drainage pipe is not necessary, which makes the installation much easier. 


To learn more, click here: Innova Energie 



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Since 1987 we are actively working together with Mr. Claudio Tognola in the sector of household appliances, and we are available to you whenever you need our help. We take care of the installation and repairs of individual household appliances and the installation of complete kitchens. 

Offers free of charge; and planning drafts of complete kitchens plus advising and sales of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heating furnaces, and heating pumps. Everything is available in our carpenter's workshop to customise your wishes of your existing kitchen furniture, (shelves, cabinet doors, front panels, etc.), or to completely design and construct your new kitchen. 

Furthermore, we are the only ones that give you the possibility to conclude a leasing contract for the laundry rooms in your apartment building.

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