Management of laundry rooms


Upon request from architects, business managements and owners of apartment buildings, we will install, free of charge, washing machines and dryers from the brand of Miele; in your laundry rooms. 

Here are a few advantages:

  • No investment necessary.

  • Guaranteed service of the machines during the whole duration if the contract.

  • Debt collection and management are at our expense (you save management costs).

  • Rapid and guaranteed repair services.

  • Theft insurance is at our expense (you save the insurance policy).

  • The co-contractor or his representative receives 10 % of the profit, provided that the minimum stipulated by contract has been attained (see contract).

Not only do we install our machines in new laundry rooms, according to circumstances we take over laundry rooms already in existence. 


As soon as the leasing contract has been sealed, we will install the desired machines and one of our employees will show you how to operate the machines.
At this opportunity the tenants will receive a card, with cash on delivery from 50.00 Francs, whereof 25.00 Francs are for the card deposit and 25.00 Francs credit for washing. 

Every tenant can buy more than one card, (we advise to always have one card in reserve). The deposit will only be paid once and only once refunded, as soon as all cards are given back.

further information


Example of a leasing contract (PDF)

 Page 1 (in italian)

 Page 2 (in italian)

Information for tenants in apartment buildings
with laundry rooms with the card system: (PDF)


Information for new tenants: 

Page 1   Page 2
(en italien)


Sites of vending machines to recharge your card (en italian)

Card Service

(2 Francs per minute from your landline phone):

 0900/ 57.61.72


+41 (0)91 751 12 89

+41 (0)91 751 56 02


Online formular


Since 1987 we are actively working together with Mr. Claudio Tognola in the sector of household appliances, and we are available to you whenever you need our help. We take care of the installation and repairs of individual household appliances and the installation of complete kitchens. 

Offers free of charge; and planning drafts of complete kitchens plus advising and sales of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heating furnaces, and heating pumps. Everything is available in our carpenter's workshop to customise your wishes of your existing kitchen furniture, (shelves, cabinet doors, front panels, etc.), or to completely design and construct your new kitchen. 

Furthermore, we are the only ones that give you the possibility to conclude a leasing contract for the laundry rooms in your apartment building.

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