For maintenance and repairing we offer our services at the most reasonable terms in the surrounding areas. 


Our rate for one working hour amounts to 98.00 Swiss Francs, (without service taxes from 8%).

For transportation costs to and from your place, we calculate 59.00 Swiss Francs, including the whole canton of Tessin. 


Notice that the transport costs will be calculated only one time, when we would have to order a spare part and have to come again to assemble the part to repair the machine. 

Our work shop is equipped for repairs, total revisions from washing machines, dryers, and domestic appliances from all brands that cannot be repaired directly on location. 

Throughout a longer lasting revision or repair we will provide you with an alternate equivalent appliance free of charge.


+41 (0)91 751 12 89

+41 (0)91 751 56 02


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Since 1987 we are actively working together with Mr. Claudio Tognola in the sector of household appliances, and we are available to you whenever you need our help. We take care of the installation and repairs of individual household appliances and the installation of complete kitchens. 

Offers free of charge; and planning drafts of complete kitchens plus advising and sales of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heating furnaces, and heating pumps. Everything is available in our carpenter's workshop to customise your wishes of your existing kitchen furniture, (shelves, cabinet doors, front panels, etc.), or to completely design and construct your new kitchen. 

Furthermore, we are the only ones that give you the possibility to conclude a leasing contract for the laundry rooms in your apartment building.

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